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Don’t you agree that writing
an Artist Statement is one of the more
Intimidating Tasks you’re asked to do?

Wouldn't you rather spend your last dime on great art supplies
than try to figure out what someone wants to know about your work…
that they can’t already see?

Ah… if it was only as simple as seeing.

If we humans weren't such complex beings with visual, auditory, kinesthetic, psychic, and linguistic sensibilities (to name just a few), surviving in a culture where over stimulation is the name of the game.

But we are, and you are, and that requires multiple levels of connection with our audience.

That’s where your artist statement comes in. It helps you expand the range of your connection.

More connections, the stickier your art becomes. The stickier your art becomes, the more they remember you!

Revealing what, how and why you do your art does not dismantle either the beauty or mystery of it. Quite the opposite. Your effort to reach out invites others to participate in the mystery and to share the beauty.

When I wrote Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, I took it all on.

As one art educator said to me, ”Goodness, what did you find to say for 142 pages?”

I have to tell you that your book has been an invaluable tool for me. I used it years ago to write my first “authentic” artist statement. Now years later I use it when my work evolves and changes and I need to not only write about these changes but to understand them.

I continue to use the book when a new series emerges. Writing a “statement” for a series helps me to see where the work is going and how it is all connected.

Photo of the Artist Statement book

This book gives you:

  • The working definition of an artist statement
  • Proven writing methods
  • What gallery owners really think about artist statements
  • The top 7 strategies for presenting your finished statement
  • Which fears will stop you cold—in writing, art, or life
  • How to capture your organic “self-talk” about your work
  • What makes your artist statement shine while others whine
  • What helps “seal the deal” with serious collectors

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Really, I leave no stone unturned. (Or… if I have, I invite you to let me know. Could be one or two pebbles that I’ve missed — and you’ll have nothing but my gratitude if you point them out.)

From beginning to end, your book was easy to follow and understand.

This book was good for me to read, encouraging and fun to do. It never occurred to me that my statement would change over time as my work evolved. Thank you.

I understand that you don't want to pick through a word jungle to find the gold.

So I’ve made this information accessible for quick, easy reading. I’ve given you plenty of wide-open, white spaces to soothe your artist’s eye.

Each chapter is short and snappy. No filler. No fluff.

And because I understand the importance of developmental sequence, I take you step-by-step through why, how, where, and when you need your statement.

Here, take a peek:

My artistic partner is dyslexic, with a real writing phobia. Your book is a fantastic teaching aid. The floodgates have opened and made him realize that he can write. What a godsend!

From Section One: Warming Up

Chapter 3 Excerpt
Soul: Not For Sale

Marketing strategies, by their very nature, are designed to be manipulative, while the power of an artist statement lies in the authenticity of its authorship.

When you define an artist statement as a marketing ploy, it effectively undermines the sincerity needed for a convincing, compelling statement.

We humans instinctively know when something is done with care or not. There is a resonance of the cared for that is unmistakable. We may not be able to say exactly why, or what, we are responding to, but when something is done with respect to authenticity and the spirit, respond we do.

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The book has been great fun. I did the exercises with a group of friends and we saw so much inspiration in each other and ourselves. It was quite surprising.

From Section Two: Working Out

Chapter 13 Excerpt

Given that so many other people take liberties with words about an artist’s work — the critics, the writers, the viewers — one would think that artists would snap at the chance to stake their claim.

Not so. For many artists, written language is fraught with land mines, and they simply prefer to hang out in the country of the Strictly Visual, or Strictly Musical, or Strictly Performing.

One of the most common responses an artist gives, when asked about an artist statement, is a variation of "My work cannot be reduced to words", as if words were evil alchemists ready to turn an artist’s creative gold to dust.

One way to work with this resistance is to tackle it head on, with a WRITING EXERCISE.

The key word here is "exercise" — nothing too serious, and something you can throw away for any, or no reason in particular. So, grab your writing pad, your choice of writing implement, and a kitchen timer. It’s time to work out.

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I recently sold 3 paintings! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated. One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! Again, thank you.

From Section Three: Cooling Down

Chapter 44 Excerpt
Presentation is Almost Everything

You have written your statement, now it’s time to put it in front of your audience. Here’s where paying attention to detail continues to pay a handsome return.

Remember, every, single presentation detail builds a cumulative aura, a signature of style, which lingers around your work, whether you want it to or not.

Neglecting details, in the hope that their absence will get you off the hook, does not work; for absences, like silences, carry their own message, a message that is much more difficult to influence and direct than the details you tried to avoid.

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And don’t let the naysayers fool you. Artist statements get a bad rap because they’re badly written!

And they are badly written because most artists haven't a clue where to start, or what an artist statement is!

Writing the artist statement focused my connection to my art in a new way. The whole process primed me, gave me a sense of direction. Now, when I'm faced with choosing what to paint out of hundreds of photographs, understanding what moves me, this core place of nostalgia, gives me the reference point I need.

Photo of the Artist Statement book

This book is for you if:

  • You need an artist statement, but don’t know where to start
  • You like clean, easy-to-read, conversational writing
  • You have a playful side to your personality (using your imagination is a big part of this book)
  • You enjoy learning a new skill, and growing new, neural dendrites in your brain
  • You’re a natural do-it-yourself-er
  • You want the satisfaction of going that extra mile on your own
  • You are open to expanding your own relationship to your artwork
  • You recognize the value of giving your audience more than one way to connect with you

Then… Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work gives you just the right amount of hand holding you need without insulting your intelligence.

And best of all, you don't even have to like to write.

This book is motivating and reassuring. It provides an easy, workable approach that removes the barriers to writing an artist statement. It is a great addition to any artist’s reference library.

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Your book was a lifesaver! The writing exercises took away my fear and made a difference not just in my writing, but also in my work. I would have been lost and frustrated without it.

I received the book & I love it!!! It’s GREAT!!!! Thank you so much!

Writing your artist statement has never been so easy!
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